Jeremy Corbyn in York for campaign launch


Jeremy Corbyn came to York on 10th May as part of the launch of the Party’s 2017 General Election campaign. He was greated by a large and wildly enthusiastic crowd which filled and overflowed from St Helen’s Square. His passionate and vigorous speech outlined Labours proposals for a radical socialist alternative not just to the austerity of Theresa May but to the establishment norms of the last 30 years. He was so mobbed by supporters that it took fifteen minutes to move the 100 yards from the platform to the car which was waiting to take him to the sixth rally of the day and 38th of the campaign launch.

Find out what our Party is saying on policy direct from the Party itself, not through the filter of the BBC and the rest of the media. We publish new statements on different subjects every day and you can read them for yourself HERE.

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